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My Name: Josie Ann Miller
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 34A, 25", 36"
Nationality: Canadian
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: light brown
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Drink: Red Wine
Birthday: November 16th

Favorite TV shows: That 70's show, Friends, Simpsons and Sopranos
Favorite Movies: The Matrix, Forest Gump, Back to the Beach, Barraka, Back to the Future
Background: English, Irish, French, Spanish, Norwegian
Hobbies: Running, Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Biking, Reading, Music, Watching Movies
Current Goals:Graduate from College, Save up Lots of Money, Do Lots of Traveling


I love the internet because it allows me to meet new people around the world.
I can meet new people and chat on line in the comfort of my own home.

My favorite time of the year is summer. I love the hot weather and just love to tan.
I think I look really sexy with a tan.


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